Film Tucumcari

Tucumcari is the undiscovered film secret of eastern New Mexico.  With a variety of locations, easy access to resources, and an eager community, we are prepared to be your first and last stop for filming in New Mexico.

As a certified rural area, there is up to potentially 35% refundable tax credit for qualifying film programs through the State of New Mexico. .

With weather averaging dry or mild throughout the year, Tucumcari is a year round filming option. Average winter low is 38F (3C) and average summer high is 97F (26C).

Contact Film Tucumcari with location and resource questions at 575-461-1694.

Our beautiful neighboring mesas and desert surrounding are already picture perfect but don’t let the great outdoors fool you! There are multiple filming options available in Tucumcari and Quay County, including:

  • Route 66 – restored and abandoned
  • Movie theater – oldest running theater in New Mexico, single screen
  • National Guard Armory building – includes unlabeled basketball court, indoor shooting range, indoor walk in safe
  • Wind turbine – full size functioning and ground level teaching displayClassrooms – PreK through College
  • Train railyard and station, circa pre 1950s.
  • Offices, including medical
  • Working iron forge & art studio
  • Country life including ranch houses, ranch land, and farm
  • Nearby lakefront access
  • Abandonded buildings – gas stations, store fronts, hotels
  • Historic Mainstreet, pictured above
  • Restaurants including cafes and bars
  • Convention center with kitchen
  • Private airport
  • Science labs – ethanol plant, paleontology lab
  • Sports arenas – football, baseball, rodeo and more
  • Museums & Murals
  • Campgrounds and RV parks

City Filming Permit: Film Permit

Tucumcari has over 1200 rooms available. Our hoteliers are more than willing to work out long term rental information with sufficient prior notification. Tucumcari also has multiple campgrounds for RV parking. On site or nearby parking is available throughout town.

Line of credit may be available at local Tucumcari retailers. Please contact the Tucumcari Quay County Chamber of Commerce for more information.


Film Tucumcari helps streamline permit process for film projects in the area, functioning as a go between between Tucumcari and your project. We are on call during production to help coordinate resources, troubleshoot problems, and generally make your work in Tucumcari as simple as possible. Film Tucumcari has contacts within the City of Tucumcari, Tucumcari MainStreet, the Tucumcari Quay County Chamber of Commerce, Mesalands Community College, and multiple other entities within the city and county.