Experience Tucumcari!

Experience Tucumcari! Sure, you can drive by, over, around and through it without getting out of your car if you’d like. Or…… you can live it, become part of it, and let it become part of you. Breathe it in. Get out and touch it. Rub elbows with it.

Tucumcari offers endless opportunities to live the tourist experience by becoming part of it. Other communities may let you look at their attractions, but Tucumcari beckons you to become part of them.

  • Go on a Dinosaur dig!
  • Work on a working ranch!
  • Get your kicks on Route 66! Tune up your ’65 ‘vette and stay in a classic Route 66 motor inn and eat in a classic Route 66 diner!
  • Saddle up your pony and ride the comanchero trails!
  • Join with local artists and paint an historic Route 66 gas station!
  • Catch a close-up view as vintage aircraft race across the sky in the annual Tucumcari
    Air Show!
  • Paddle your canoe across Ute Lake just like in days of yore!
  • Play your lifetime best round of golf at the world class, and Tucumcari’s 12 Shores golf course!

It's all about “experiencing” Tucumcari!